Closed Circuit TV Systems

Closed Circuit TVClosed circuit television systems allow you to view and record activity happening at your business location.  You can monitor your business from your home, office or anywhere with an Internet or smartphone connection.  Set up multiple cameras to monitor your doors, inventory, cash registers, production lines, and your employees – all simultaneously, 24 hours a day.  CCTV deters outsiders and associates from committing theft or other illegal activities on your business premises.   Recorded activity can be stored and accessed easily for months.  Cheaper, more accurate, and more reliable than guards, CCTV never records a false image.

Stancom, Inc. designs, installs, programs, and services CCTV security systems in Atlanta and throughout Georgia and the Southeast USA.   We also sell a variety of CCTV camera equipment for you to install yourself or request our services to install and program for you.